The vaping misinformation epidemic

Imperial Tobacco Canada has created this website about vaping to help Canadians focus on facts, not fear. Why? Because Canada already has a public health policy that recognizes vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

If you agree that misinformation should not get in the way of sensible and fact-based public health policy, read on…

Harm reduction

Cigarettes pose serious health risks; the only way to avoid those risks is to not use them. But if a current smoker is deciding between smoking conventional cigarettes and using potentially reduced-risk alternatives like vapour products, they should make the switch. That’s what harm reduction means.

Vaping-related illnesses

In 2019, US media outlets were buzzing with reports of a mysterious “vaping-related illness” sweeping the country. Here in Canada, anti-tobacco lobbyists reacted immediately, pushing provincial governments and federal authorities to adopt stringent vaping regulations. But these new rules disregard solid evidence for vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking– and ignore the fact that Canadian vaping regulations are miles away from those in the US.

Youth prevention

Impulsive regulations pushed by governmental bodies and health groups may make people feel good, but they won’t do anything to reduce youth vaping. What these regulations will do is make it more difficult for adult smokers to access a less harmful alternative to smoking, as well as forcing consumers to go back to cigarettes or onto the black market.

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